Anahola lies in the northeast corner of Kauai. Kauai itself consists of various small communities, and Anahola is about as small as they come with a population of 2,000 people. But the town's layout is notably wider and more spacious than the other more populated cities on the island, offering more room on the road, space between establishments, and, most importantly, more chances to take in the view of the glimmering Pacific – perfect to observe the rising sun on your morning drive.

Anahola Bay sits adjacent to the town and is the main focal point of attention. The Anahola River is nearly perpendicular to the Bay, leaving a nice little lagoon across the beach. Anahola Bay is a stunning half-mile wide crescent white sand beach with the Kalalea Mountains serving as a gorgeous backdrop. The bay is a local and tourist hotspot with the potential for weekend picnics and tailgate barbecues. It is also the safest beach on the east side of the island. Not only is it manned by lifeguards, there's a protective outlying reef just off the shallow end of the water, which safeguards children from the high surf. This surf break allows for calmer waters, making Anahola Bay an ideal playground for kids as well as snorkelers and first time bodyboarders. Though Anahola Bay may be located off the main road, it is well worth venturing off the beaten path for, even if it's just for the photo opportunity alone.

Traveling further up the bay takes you to Kuaehu Point, the northernmost part of town. Here you'll find oceanview villas and beachfront vacation cottages and rentals privately situated along Aliomanu Bay. The Bali Hai Tour Center is also located in the area, making Kuaehu Point a perfect triage of activities and excursions. The Bali Hai Tour ventures along the famed Na Pali Coast, where you'll see dolphins, turtles, high-flying fish, and whales, depending on the season. You'll even get the rare chance to explore the various sea caves along the coast that other charters on the island simply don't offer. Thus, you get an exclusive sneak peek at the mysterious wonders of the Na Pali Coast.

This exclusivity and seclusion is what defines Anahola. The town itself may not offer much in the way of local shops and businesses (few vendors and local restaurants can be found along the nearby stretch of Kuhio Highway), but that doesn't make Anahola any less of a place to visit or live. As a community, Anahola affords a quieter slice of living, a welcome contrast to the busier and more heavily populated centers on the island. Anahola provides visitors and residents a chance to slow things down and take in the natural wonders that the Garden Isle has to offer.

Homes for Sale in Anahola

Anahola has a total area of 3.9 square miles. Residential properties in the area range from 700 square feet to 3,000 square feet, and vary in price from $500,000 to $5 million. These luxurious homes have as many as 5 bedroom suites and 6 bathrooms, completely furnished with luxury-style amenities from top to bottom. Fully decked out lanais sporting grills and hot tubs with spectacular ocean views, skylights and vaulted ceilings, hardwood floors and marble countertops, and open air floor plans accommodating for expansive living and dining areas; these million dollar properties have a touch of modernism and, as always, a bit of Hawaiian flavor. Your very own private getaway awaits in Anahola.

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