Living a Dream Life in the Beautiful Coastal Destination of Koloa, Hawaii Koloa is one of the beautiful little communities that give life and vibrancy to the southern shores of Kauai County, Hawaii. In 1835, the Old Sugar Mill of Koloa was established here, and later in 1855, the Missionary Daniel Dole set up one of the first boarding schools for the English-speaking community. With its personal growth entrenched in the history of its colonial past, today it has a small but thriving population of 2,144 as per the 2010 census. It is one of the notably charming destinations that exudes an air of serenity, calm, and absolute perfection. Koloa is the land of golden beaches, quaint country golf courses, beach resorts, plantations, and charming homes.

The Charms of Living in Koloa
Properties in Koloa are a dream for anybody wishing to escape from the mires of city dwelling and its accompanying smoke, pollution, and noise. Pure and unadulterated air, small communities, and fun activities provide the much needed escape. Recreational activities available here include hiking, fishing, snorkeling, ATV and off-road tours and scuba-diving facilities: something to allure every lover of adventure sports. Properties in the region have started to gain attention primarily for this reason, as more and more adventure tourists discover the deep sea treasures here. Beach front properties are high in demand for this very reason, and there are still a couple waiting to find their right owners.

Places of Interest in Koloa
Amongst the many attractions of Koloa, one of the most amazing is the Koloa Heritage Trail: a journey which begins atthe Spouting Horn Park, leads past numerous bays and park, Moir Gardens at the Kiahuna plantation, past Buddhist temples and Puuwanawana Volcanic Cone, to culminate in the beautiful Koloa missionary church Sanctuary. It not only provides a glimpse of all that is best about Koloa, it provides a glimpse into the kind of idyllic life surrounded by culture, religion, heritage, and nature supported here. Of course, there are horseback riding tours, bars, and quaint churches, all of which combine to make Koloa the ideal destination for vacationers and residents alike.

The Koloa Community
One of the factors which makes Koloa an irresistible attraction for many trying to escape city lifestyles is the small vibrant community of people. Imagine a Sunday evening spent leisurely strolling around the golf course here or a trip to a farmer’s market that becomes as much a social gathering as a market, and you can probably picture life as it should be. Of nearly 693 households, nearly 47% are married couples, and 34.8% consist of families with children, 26.9% single households, with 8.7% being elderly members living alone. The fine public schools and employment opportunities nearby make Koloa an especially wonderful community.

Homes for Sale in Koloa
Properties in Koloa vary greatly in price, style, architecture and nature, especially because of the evolving nature of the region. While it has the trajectory of becoming one of the premieretourist destinations on the global market, Koloa homes can alsoprovide secluded and private lifestyles. Whether a dream vacation home to you means a palatial residence or a charming apartment of 3 rooms with ocean views, there is something hereto charm everyone. With such gorgeous scenery, vibrant community, and numerous activities and opportunities close at hand, what more could the heart desire?

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