Four days after the attacks on September 11, 2001, David enlisted in the military, providing an absolutely solid and concrete foundation for everything life has to offer him. Now, as a veteran, David invests his values, attention to detail, sense of community, and hard work ethic into each venture that he is a part of. Remembering walking through homes for sale as a young boy with his family, David recalls excitedly drawing each floor plan, fascinated with how things are built, envisioning living there, and loving the entire process. After the military, David joined Lowe's Home Improvement as a stepping stone to his real passion of owning and selling real estate. He quickly worked his way up to senior level management which increased his abilities in leadership, communication, and service. Leaving his home in California in early 2016, David moved to Kauai to be closer to family and to pursue a career in real estate. In his free time, David loves to grill, hike mountain trails offering spectacular ocean views, practice jiu-jitsu, and spend quality time adventuring the island with family. Grateful for an amazingly diverse community of people who have welcomed him with much aloha, David makes sure to give back the same, helping his clients find or sell their next home.